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The vision ...

Join us as we embark on a visionary journey to create IP that intertwines relatable, heartwarming, and humorous elements with thought-provoking depth, forging a truly unique and unforgettable narrative experience.

At Allergic to Narcissists, our mission goes beyond mere entertainment. We are dedicated to connecting deeply with our audience, inspiring meaningful conversations, sparking contemplation, and fostering genuine connections through our versatile and imaginative storytelling.

Drawing inspiration from diverse facets of life, cultures, and experiences, our distinctive IP finds expression across a myriad of sectors, encompassing art space, digital collectible space, online native shows, plushies and toys, TV shows and films, and fashion.

Join us on this extraordinary creative odyssey as we break boundaries, explore uncharted territories, and unite the world through the captivating artistry of our storytelling.

Vintage Decorative Line Art



Vintage Decorative Line Art

About us ...

At Allergic to Narcissists, we recognize the transformative power of diversity in both project development and storytelling. As a parent company overseeing a wide array of brands and initiatives, we are committed to fostering projects that resonate on multiple levels.

When it comes to our storytelling endeavors, our mission transcends genres: from fantasy and fiction to reality-based narratives, we aim to deepen human connections, inspire understanding, and evoke empathy across different cultures and experiences.

Our dedication extends to amplifying voices that can catalyze positive change, creating a platform where a variety of narratives are shared, celebrated, and resonate with a diverse audience. Central to our ethos is a celebration of the human spirit, grounded in the belief that everyone has the potential to make a difference. Through the projects we champion and the voices we uplift, we aspire to ignite that change—one initiative at a time.

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Meet the visionary mind behind Allergic to Narcissists, R.J. Tolson. Inspired by his personal journey of overcoming toxic relationships with narcissistic individuals, R.J. sought to transform his experiences into something relatable and meaningful for others. Just as many have encountered narcissists in their lives, R.J. saw an opportunity to create narratives that not only shed light on such challenging encounters but also offer a sense of humor and understanding.

In the heartwarming tale that drives our company, R.J. envisioned Allergic to Narcissists as a transformative space where relatable, heartwarming, and humorous storytelling would unite people across cultures and experiences. Through our imaginative narratives, we not only seek to foster connections and inspire conversations but also educate people on emotional intelligence, healthy relationship building, and the importance of laughter and relaxation in navigating life's challenges. Our stories go beyond entertainment; they aim to evoke genuine emotions, spark contemplation, and encourage personal growth. At Allergic to Narcissists, we believe that through storytelling, we can create a positive impact in the lives of our audience and foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and one another."

And why the alpaca? The sneezing alpaca serves as our endearing mascot, symbolizing not only the moments when we all need a break from self-absorption and find joy in embracing relatability, but also the resilience and courage alpacas display in standing up to toxicity. In nature, alpacas are known for their ability to confront challenges fearlessly and assert their boundaries, just like our narratives that address and navigate complex emotions. Our stories, much like the alpaca's strength, add a touch of laughter and authenticity, bringing warmth and levity to the world of storytelling while empowering our audience to confront negativity with courage and grace.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the triumph over toxicity and narcissism, find humor in life's challenges, and unite the world through our captivating tales. Welcome to Allergic to Narcissists, where storytelling is a transformative and unifying force for us all.